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Tropical Heat

Tropical Heat (also known as "Sweating Bullets" in the United States) was a Canadian action TV series created by Sam Eagan.

The show aired from April 8, 1991 to October 18, 1993, lasting for 3 seasons and 66 episodes. It aired on CBS as part of its umbrella series "Crimetime After Primetime."


The series revolved around private investigator, Nick Slaughter, a former ex-DEA agent, who sets up a detective agency in Key Mariah, Florida where he meets up with local tourist agent, Sylvie Girard, to solve a variety of different cases.


  • Rob Stewart as Nick Slaughter
  • Carolyn Dunn as Sylvie Girard
  • John David Bland as Ian Stewart (1991–92)
  • Ian Tracey as Spider Garvin (1992–93)
  • Eugene Clark as Ollie Porter (1991–92)
  • Pedro Armendáriz Jr. as Lt. Carillo (1991–92)
  • Ari Sorko-Ram as Sgt. Gregory (1992–93)
  • Allen Nashman as Rollie (1992–93)
  • Graeme Campbell as Rupert