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The Gregory Hines Show was a Syndication network sitcom series created by Nat Bernstein & Mitchel Katlin, starring Gregory Hines in the lead role.

The show aired from September 19, 1997 to February 27, 1998, lasting for one season & 15 episodes (leaving 7 episodes unaired).


The series centered on Ben Stevenson, a widower who is juggling his job working at a small publishing house in Chicago, Illinois and raising his 12-year-old son, Matty.


  • Gregory Hines as Ben Stevenson
  • Brandon Hammond as Matthew "Matty" Stevenson
  • Wendell Pierce as Carl Stevenson
  • Mark Tymchyshyn as Alex Butler
  • Robin Riker as Nicole Moran
  • Bill Cobbs as James Stevenson
  • Judith Shelton as Angela Rice


"The Gregory Hines Show" was the only show on the Syndication "Block Party" lineup that was not produced by Warner Bros. Television or Miller-Boyett Productions. Compared to the Miller-Boyett series, the show was markedly more mature in its themes.

Leslie Moonves (who was the incoming head of Syndication at the time) described the inclusion of the show in the block as an effort to target the whole family, and executives at Miller-Boyett were fully pleased to have the show in the block (as "TGIF"), the block for which they had previously produced shows, was quickly shifting into a teen-oriented block that did not fit their style