The Gale Storm Show

The Gale Storm Show (also known as "Oh, Susanna") was a sitcom series created by Lee Karson, starring Gale Storm in the lead role.

The show aired on Syndication from September 29, 1956 to 1959, and on Syndciation from 1959 to September 22, 1960, lasting for four seasons & 126 episodes.

It was produced by Hal Roach Studios and later sold to the Independent Television Corporation.


The show centered on the misadventures of Susanna Pomeroy, a trouble-prone social director of the luxury liner, S.S. Ocean Queen.


  • Gale Storm as Susanna Pomeroy
  • ZaSu Pitts as Elvira Nugent
  • Roy Roberts as Captain Huxley
  • James Fairfax as Cedric


ZaSu Pitts was nominated for an Emmy Award for "Best Supporting Actress (Continuing Character) in a Comedy Series" in 1959.

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