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Ransom is an internationally television drama that aired on CBS and GlobalTV since January 1, 2017.

On May 17, 2019 CBS cancelled the series after three seasons

Summary Edit

The series follows Eric Beaumont, an experienced crisis and hostage negotiator, and his team, who solve kidnap and ransom cases involving the most dangerous criminals in the world and it was inspired by the real life negotiators Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery.

Cast Edit

  • Luke roberts
  • Nazneen Contractor
  • Brandon Jay McLaren
  • Sarah Greene

Seasons overview Edit

Production Edit

The first season was filmed in Toronto, Canada and Nice, France. Toronto stood in for locations in North America. Eight episodes were shot in Toronto and five were shot in Nice.

The second season began shooting in Toronto and Budapest, Hungary in November 2017, with production expected to finish in May 2018.

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