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Template:Infobox television Little Muppet Monsters is a Saturday morning television series featuring the Muppets that aired three episodes on CBS in 1985. The first season of Muppet Babies did so well in the ratings, that CBS decided to expand the series from a half-hour to an hour, pairing Muppet Babies with Little Muppet Monsters. They called the hour-long package Muppets, Babies and Monsters.


The show was anchored by three young Muppet monsters: Tug (performed by Richard Hunt), Molly (performed by Camille Bonora), and Boo (performed by David Rudman).[1] The three have started their own basement show following an incident where Scooter has them put in the basement after Molly and Boo played water polo in the living room. They are joined by Nicky Napoleon (performed by James Kroupa) and his Emperor Penguins as their music act.


Storyboard director Scott Shaw discussed the show in MuppetZine issue #3 (Winter 1993). "The concept of this second half-hour was neither simple nor particularly well-developed," he said. "A trio of new (live-action) Muppet Monster Kids, working from the basement of the adult Muppets' home, create their own television station which broadcasts only to the TV sets in the house upstairs. Their 'shows' were such regular segments as "Pigs in Space: The Animated Series", "Kermit the Frog, Private Eye", "Muppet Sport Shorts" with Animal, "Gonzo's Freaky Facts and Oddball Achievements," and "Fozzie's Comedy Corner", among others.

Although thirteen episodes were produced (most of which were incomplete at the time of cancellation), only three of them ever aired. According to Muppet performer Kathryn Mullen,[2] and the Henson Company archives,[3] Marvel Productions failed to deliver the full season's animated segments in time for airing. CBS responded by rerunning episodes of Muppet Babies to fill the second half hour until Marvel finished the series' animated segments. Due to high ratings from the Muppet Babies reruns, the network decided not to pick up the remaining episodes of Little Muppet Monsters. The three completed episodes never appeared on television after their initial airdates. Plans to officially re-release the three episodes have not been made.

Despite its quick cancellation, the theme song to Little Muppet Monsters lived on; the instrumental version of the song became the closing theme for Muppet Babies and remained so until the show ended in 1991.

In 1991, segments of the animated "Pigs in Space" and "Kermit the Frog, Private Eye" from the second episode of Little Muppet Monsters titled "Space Cowboys" were re-shown in the final episode of Muppet Babies titled "Eight Flags Over the Nursery".


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Unreleased episodes

  1. "Hi, Mars"
  2. "Monster Measles"
  3. "Gonzo's Talent Hunt"
  4. "Can't Stop the Music"
  5. "Boo Monster Ace Reporter"
  6. "Feels Like Rain"
  7. "Foo-Foo Phooey"
  8. "Penguin for a Day"
  9. "Gunko"
  10. "Mail-Order Guest"


Muppet performers

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  • Richard Hunt – Tug Monster, Scooter, and Janice
  • Camille Bonora – Molly Monster
  • David Rudman – Boo Monster
  • Jim HensonKermit the Frog and Dr. Teeth
  • Frank OzMiss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Animal
  • Jerry NelsonFloyd Pepper
  • Dave GoelzGonzo and Zoot
  • Pam Arciero – Penguin
  • Cheryl Blalock – Cow, Raggmopp
  • Michael Earl Davis – Penguin
  • Jim Kroupa – Nicky Napoleon
  • Noel MacNeal – Rat, Cow, Magic Book
  • Kathryn Mullen – Penguin, Rat
  • Martin P. Robinson – Rat, Cow, Walrus

Animated segments voice cast

  • Greg BergFozzie Bear, Dr. Julius Strangepork
  • Bob BergenDr. Bunsen Honeydew, Link Hogthrob
  • Richard HuntBeaker, Animated Muppet Shorts Narrator
  • Hal RayleAnimal, Gonzo, Miss Piggy
  • Frank WelkerKermit the Frog, Chicken Who Crossed the Road, Banana Nose Maldonado (episode 1), Milo Sockdrawer (episode 3)


  • Hank Saroyan – Producer, Voice Director


  • Characters designed by: Michael K. Frith
  • Tug built by: Ed Christie
  • Molly built by: Joanne Green
  • Boo built by: Rollie Krewson


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