Clue club

Clue Club (later re-titled "Woofer & Wimper, Dog Detectives" in 1977–78) was a CBS network Saturday morning animated series produced by Hanna=Barbera Productions which premiered on August 14, 1976 and ended on September 3, 1977 after 16 episodes.

The show only had one season's worth of first-run episodes produced which were shown on Saturday mornings on CBS (the original home of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! which "Clue Club" had replaced as Scooby-Doo was being groomed for its move to ABC).

In the fall of 1977, cut-down versions of the half-hour episodes of "Clue Club" appeared under the new title "Woofer & Wimper, Dog Detectives" to showcase the show's basset and bloodhound which aired as a segment on the CBS Saturday morning package program "The Skatebirds" from September 10, 1977 to January 21, 1978.

When "The Skatebirds" was cancelled in early 1978, "Woofer & Wimper, Dog Detectives" re-appeared as a segment alongside "The Three Robonic Stooges" on their half-hour show from January 28 to September 2, 1978, also on CBS.


"Clue Club" centered around four adolescent friends: Larry, Pepper, D.D. and Dottie who open the title's private investigation agency out of Larry's suburban residence & solve mysteries with the help of their two talking hounds, Woofer and Wimper.

The dogs only talked to each other and the camera, they were not understood by the human characters. Clue Club mysteries usually involved investigating bizarre crimes such as a movie director vanishing or a two-ton statue disappearing into thin air.

Their relationship to the police was closer than most of Hanna-Barbera's variations of the formula, with the local Sheriff often requesting their assistance on cases as well as making arrests at their conclusion.

Voice CastEdit

  • David Jolliffe as Larry
  • Tara Talboy as Dottie
  • Patricia Sitch as Pepper
  • Bob Hastings as D.D.
  • Paul Winchell as Woofer
  • Jim MacGeorge as Wimper
  • John Stephenson as Sherrif Bagley