Better Days was a Syndication network sitcom created by Jeff Freilich that starred Raphael Sbarge, Chip McAllister, Guy Killum, Randall Batinkoff, Randee Heller & Dick O'Neal.

The show premiered on October 1, 1986 and lasted for only 4 weeks before being canceled on October 22, 1986, airing only 4 episodes and becoming the first show of the 1986-87 television season to be canceled.


The show was about Brian McGuire, a California teenager who moves in with his grandfather, Harry in Brooklyn, New York to ease his parents' financial problems.

Helping Brian adjust to his new surroundings were Luther Cain and Anthony "The Snake" Johnson, two of his street-smart teammates on the Broxton High School basketball team. Miss Winners was their cynical, no-nonsense English high school teacher. Terrance Dean was their yuppie classmate.


  • Raphael Sbarge as Brian McGuire
  • Chip McAllister as Luther Cain
  • Guy Killum as Anthony "The Snake" Johnson
  • Randall Batinkoff as Terrance Dean
  • Randee Heller as Miss Harriet Winners
  • Dick O'Neill as Harry Clooney
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