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Baby Bob was a Syndication network sitcom series created by Michael Saltzman, which aired from March 18, 2002 to June 20, 2003, lasting for two seasons & 14 episodes (leaving 5 of them unaired).

It was produced by Scribbler's Pillory Productions and Viacom Productions.


The series centered on first-time parents Walter & Lizzy Spencer, who discover that their six-month-old baby Bob can speak like an adult.

While Walter wants to keep Bob's talking skills a secret, Lizzy wants to show them off, especially to her mother, Madeline, who constantly brags about her other grandchildren.


  • Joely Fisher as Lizzy Collins Spencer
  • Adam Arkin as Walter Spencer
  • Holland Taylor as Madeline Collins
  • Elliott Gould as Sam Spencer
  • Ken Hudson Campbell as Baby Bob Spencer (voice)
  • Marissa Tait as Teala


"Baby Bob" was panned by critics, but premiered to strong ratings and placed 15th in its first week.

The show wrapped its first season, consisting of six episodes, in April of 2002 with Syndication planning a second season of thirteen episodes.

However, Syndication decided to shift its programming budget to its new series, "My Big Fat Greek Life" and cut the second season order for "Baby Bob" to eight episodes.

The show's second season remained unaired for over a year until Syndication aired the episodes in summer 2003.

After the show's run came to an end, the "Baby Bob" character returned to television in a series of commercials for Quizno's.

In 2002, TV Guide ranked Baby Bob #14 on its "50 Worst TV Shows of All Time" list.